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hosting plan ico 1 Step 1: Room Size
  • Measure Room Length
  • Measure Room Width
  • Multiply LxW =
  • Total Sq. Ft. for Cooling
hosting plan ico 2 Step 2: Cooling Capacity
  • Determine Capacity from Room
  • Add any extra cooling
  • Buy your Window AC unit

Room Length (ft): Room Width (ft): Hit Button For Total (sq. ft.):

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How-To Size Window Air Conditioners - Window AC

3 Easy Steps

Select and size a window Air Conditioning Unit in 3 Steps.

You are three simple steps from owning a New window air conditioning unit:

1.  Measure the room you wish to cool. (Room Size)

2.  Determine the size air conditioner needed to properly cool the room. (Cooling Capacity)

3.  Shop and find the right unit for your room. (Shop)

It really is that simple.  Let guide you through the process.

How Does A Window Air Conditioner Work?

How A window air conditioner works

There are four basic components in the Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle

1.  The Hot Coil (Condenser)

2.  The Expansion Valve

3.  The Cool Coil (Evaporator)

4.  The Compressor

Window Air Conditioners and Noise Levels

Window AC Noise Levels

Window Air Conditioners and Noise:

An often overlooked part of selecting a window air conditioner is noise.  Many window air conditioners are put into commonly inhabited room like a living room or bedroom.  Having a noisy unit while trying to watch tv or sleep can be quite annoying.

Units of Air Conditioning Capacity Explained

Window Air Conditioning Capacity Units

Units of Air Conditioning Capacity Explained:

The most common units for window air conditioning cooling capacity is BTU/h.  Often it is just written is BTU, but the cooling is a power figure so the units need to be energy / time.  So, when manufacturer data is showing BTU they actually are displaying BTU/h.  The other common english unit for cooling capacity is the ton of refrigeration.  The common unit of cooling capacity for the SI system is the watt, which is a joule/second, fulfilling the energy/time criteria.

Tips for Energy Efficiency with your Window Air Conditioning Unit

Window AC unit efficiency tipsKeep the filters clean:

Dirty filters will restrict the airflow through the air conditioning unit.  Restricted airflow will cause some loss in capacity for the window air conditioning unit.

Buy a properly sized window air conditioning unit:

A unit that is too large will frequently turn on and off due to overcooling.  This will use more power than an appropriately sized window unit.  This also will not dehumidify the air well causing the indoor air to not be as comfortable.


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